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God's Beauty Bag
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God’s Beauty Bag


Joy Mitchell

Beautiful woman are all over the world, and whether young or old, tall or short, God and man loves them all! It’s time now to celebrate variety and claim back the glory which is our inheritance.

The key to looking good and feeling amazing is not always a secret, and as we seek we can find that beneath the airbrushed faces, well placed lights and glamorous clothing are real people, who can be transformed internally and externally in an enlightening way,to be the best that they can be.

God’s Beauty bag is full of advice and tips with true life stories from the author, with a message of love and appreciation for our uniqueness and differences. God's Beauty Bag aims to dispel the constant reinforcement of the Media's ideal image of beauty by looking at the good works and journeys of ordinary woman in society.By seeing beauty as being non-restrictive, fun, healthy and spiritual the book offers another perspective; thus providing well-being for woman of all ages, races and backgrounds.